About Andrew+

Latter-day Saint, sex and pornography addict in recovery, dealing with depression, returned missionary, father of a bunch of kids, graduate degree, self-employed, Book of Mormon reader, writer and thinker. Working on understanding and overcoming resentment, the number one killer of addicts.

Fight Pornography Addiction with New Resource for LDS Parents and Leaders!

Recently, SALifeline Foundation published what may be the most important knowledge weapon to date to help LDS parents and leaders in the battle against pornography addiction. Descriptively titled Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction: A Resource for LDS Parents and Leaders, … Continue reading

Am I Addicted to Pornography? An Important Message for LDS Men with a “Little Problem”

Speaking from my own experience, the last thing I wanted to admit was that I had some sort of addiction. After all, Latter-day Saints observe the Word of Wisdom; we don’t have addictions. Or so I thought. It was, however, … Continue reading