Andrew’s Blog

Latter-day Saint addicts can finally repent if they can only forsake the sins through addiciton recovery!Greetings from the land of the living! My name is Andrew. I am a recovering sex and pornography addict. I am also a Latter-day Saint. This website and, in particular, this blog are my way of sharing the experience I have had of coming out of the dark and secret misery of addiction with its isolation and dishonesty into the light of addiction recovery.

My experience is most definitely not unique. Many other Mormon men and women have found that Sexaholics Anonymous is a perfect complement to the Gospel message found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Through SA we are learning and putting into practice what we need to recover from our addiction. That real recovery from addiction is allowing us to repent of our sins because we are finally able to forsake them!

Paraphrasing the Savior Jesus Christ, President John Taylor admonished:

If we are the Saints of God, it is necessary we should begin to learn to do the will of God on the earth as it is done in the heavens: for it is not every one that sayeth, Lord, Lord, that shall enter into Christ’s kingdom, but he that doeth the will of the Father who is in heaven [see Matthew 7:21]. We think sometimes we can do as we please. We may do as we please, and then God will do as He pleases; and for every word and for every secret thought we shall be brought to judgment, we are told.

As an addict, I used to think I could do as I pleased because I saw myself as such a mighty spiritual giant. I thought I could overcome my “little porn problem” on my own terms. That’s what I tried to do for decades. Then one day, I learned that hollering at the top of my lungs about how much I believed in Jesus was not sufficient to overcome addiction. The Savior and Heavenly Father were waiting for me to do more than just cry out, “Lord, Lord!” like a hypocrite.

This blog talks about becoming willing to do whatever it takes–and then doing whatever it takes to find recovery from addiction from the LDS perspective. I want all Mormons who struggle with addictions of any kind to find, experience and then stay in recovery. It’s a pretty great place to be.