Grateful to Be LDS and Sexually Sober |One Day at a Time.

Addiction is like the ocean’s tide. Sometimes it’s clear out on the horizon and poses no problem. At other times, however, you’re up to your eyeballs in it.

In the past, events and circumstances outside my control were like the waves pounding against me. Because I had neither recovery tools nor support, they knocked me over and dragged me under again like they had a million times before.

Staying sober--one day at a time.

Things are much different now. I have a sponsor. I have a huge network of friends, all recovering addicts, to whom I can make calls in good moments or bad. I’ve got the Sexaholics Anonymous meetings several times a week that bring me fellowship and insights into the spiritual roots of my addiction. I am grateful to be sober–one day at a time.

I’m no longer isolated and alone. Heavenly Father teaches and inspires me, and he often does so through the intermediary of other recovering addicts. I wouldn’t trade where I am for anything in this world.

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