Fight Pornography Addiction with New Resource for LDS Parents and Leaders!

Recently, SALifeline Foundation published what may be the most important knowledge weapon to date to help LDS parents and leaders in the battle against pornography addiction. Descriptively titled Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction: A Resource for LDS Parents and Leaders, the large wire-bound paperback in full-color hits all the tough points about sexual addiction with clarity and hope. It’s available for purchase online at, or at your local LDS bookstore including Deseret Book. The list price for the hard copy is $19.95. Alternatively, you can download the eBook for free in pdf format at the SA Lifeline Foundation’s website.

Understanding Pornography Addiction

Cover of New Book Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction

From the SA Lifeline website:

In light of the prevalence of pornography addiction, a group of professionals, therapists, and concerned individuals have created this manual. Its purpose is to provide ready access to important information concerning pornography so that parents and leaders can be prepared to address the topic effectively, as directed by the Spirit…It includes articles, lessons, answers to over 70 questions from professionals on the topic of pornography, seven personal stories of recovery, powerful articles, and much, much more. We believe that this manual will change the way we handle and deal with the issue of pornography.

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