Paperback Unavailable for the Foreseeable Future [UPDATED]

[**UPDATE – Mar 12, 2015 – Problem solved.]
I’ve received a number of emails from people wondering what the deal is with the paperback edition of Sitting in a Rowboat Throwing Marbles at a Battleship. It suddenly disappeared. Well, it’s a funny story–not really. Up until last August, it was selling at Deseret Book, all the independent LDS bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and was available through national distributors. Then something weird happened.

I had published the book through my own publishing company. The idea was to be able to keep complete control over my work. At one distributor’s suggestion, I hired a guy to redesign the cover. He did so, but neglected to tell me that one of the images on the back cover had been used without the copyright holder’s permission.

I found out just after I had borrowed money and done a large print run last summer. When I approached the copyright holder about using the image going forward, the individual demanded a large sum of money for that permission and even went to the trouble of recording the copyright with the US Patent and Trademark Office so that any future use of the image now carries with it penalties of possibly tens of thousands of dollars plus attorney fees. So here I sit with a bunch of boxes of books that I can’t sell, a loan that I can’t pay back because I can’t sell the books, and no way of fixing the problem in the foreseeable future.

This whole endeavor–the website and the book–has been a labor of love. The website generates no revenues and the proceeds from the sale of the book barely covered the cost of another print run and shipping expenses. Frequently, I lost money. I have drawn enormous satisfaction from knowing that the website and the book are helping a lot of Mormons get the sex addiction problem straight in their heads and then find the wonderful solution in recovery. But I definitely haven’t become rich off of this enterprise.

In any event, I had to pull the book from all the bookstores. And that’s why the paperback edition is currently unavailable. It’s so weird. I put so much time and tears into that book and now two people I’ve never even met have managed to hijack it and hold it hostage. What a bitter disappointment.

I take a bit of solace in knowing that the book is still available digitally as a Kindle or Nook dowload. The copyrighted image fortunately wasn’t involved in the ebook. Sadly, however, the number of ebooks now selling is fairly modest. Ebooks won’t replace ink on paper anytime soon. Most people still prefer holding a book in their hands.

Still, it’s not the end of the world. All the content of the book is still available in the posts on the website. It’s just that you have to be plugged in in order to read it.

So that’s the deal. I thought you might like to know.

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Latter-day Saint, sex and pornography addict in recovery, dealing with depression, returned missionary, father of a bunch of kids, graduate degree, self-employed, Book of Mormon reader, writer and thinker. Working on understanding and overcoming resentment, the number one killer of addicts.


Paperback Unavailable for the Foreseeable Future [UPDATED] — 9 Comments

  1. Maybe you could do some sort of Kickstarter or other online fundraising effort to cover the cost of another run. I would certainly donate.

  2. Aww BUMMER! So sorry to hear all the trouble and money you lost in this . Thank you for doing it in spite of all the hassles . It has been such a help to us , and so many . Don”t give up ! God will make a way , probably come in his amazing and sometimes surprising route . Glad it is still on kindle ! So very sorry for all you have been through !

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you have had with the paperback versions of your book. Everything that you have shared is so honest and brave. More than that sharing it with my husband was the first step in saving our marriage.
    Is there anything that could be done in order to allow you to repay this loan? Those who visit this site owe you a great debt.

  4. So why don’t you just remove the back cover and replace with blank cardstock? I don’t think too many people would mind that if it meant having a print copy in their hands. I wouldn’t mind it. (I already have a hard copy). I’m sorry this lack of integrity from the hired cover designer has cost the availability of this good book.

    • Andrew, remove the back cover with an exacto knife and sell them, as is, online. It will be a collector’s item ;); sign them … LOL! Just kidding. We don’t care about the cover, just the content. We will all know that we are in support of getting your second run into stores so people who haven’t found the website can heal too.

      • I vote yes to that idea ! I would sure buy one , maybe could take an unofficial tally somehow on here…””/

  5. Yes, perhaps take them to a printer/binder to have the binding cut off, a card stock back cover added, and remade as coil-bound, and then re-distribute them. I know that’s additional expense, but it might be worth getting a quote. I’m so sorry to hear this happened!

    You might want to contact Jacy/Amy/Hilary/Shay from The Togetherness Project to see if they will sell them (with the back cover removed) at the upcoming conference in Arizona. Might help recoup a little of your costs, and it is just the right audience!

  6. I have found that when I am on the brink of doing the most good, or gaining or giving the most light- the Adversary will do anything and everything to stop me in my tracks. Your book is desperately needed, which means Satan will desperately try to stop it.

    I just found your website. I am broken. I am a shell of who I used to be. I have about 100 comments, and even more questions I want to ask. My husband isn’t near rock bottom, but I am.

    Do whatever it takes to get your book out there. Rip off the back cover if you have to. Flood the earth with your book, with light.

    D&C 88: 45
    For the word of the Lord is TRUTH, and whatsoever is TRUTH is LIGHT, and whatsoever is LIGHT is SPIRIT, even the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

    The glory of God is intelligence, or light and truth.

    Light = Knowledge = Truth = Spirit
    Knowledge = Power.